Please read the Ranch Rules and Hunting Rules. Any violation of these Rules or Texas State laws will result in forfeiture of hunting privileges and all fees paid. You will be asked to leave the ranch.

General Rules

  1. Arrival time is 2:00 pm on the initial day and departure time is noon on your last day (unless other arrangements have been made).
  2. Hunters and guests must sign “Release of Liability” forms.
  3. Smoking is allowed around the cabin perimeter. No smoking inside the cabin, hunting blinds, or throughout the ranch.
  4. Please help us keep our ranch beautiful by placing all trash in containers.
  5. No pets allowed.
  6. No artifacts or sheds shall be removed from the ranch.
  7. Hunters and guests assume all responsibility for their own safety including stand inspection and climbing in and out of hunting stands.
  8. When in the pasture, keep noise to a minimum. The animals are not used to human noise and we want everyone to be able to see and enjoy all there is to see.
  9. A maximum of 4 adults in the ATV at a time.
  10. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum before your hunt. If the guide feels you have had too much to drink and could create an unsafe hunting experience, you will not be allowed away from the cabin.
  11. Leave the cabin in at least as good condition as you found it. A $75 fee will be added otherwise.

NOTICE: Dangerous conditions, risks and hazards do exist on the ranch, including, but not limited to: poison ivy/oak, poisonous snakes, insects, spiders, blinds, tree stands, wild animals, and rough, hazardous driving and walking conditions.

Hunting Rules

  1. A valid Texas hunting license is required.
  2. No personal vehicles are allowed through the pasture.
  3. There is access to a walk-in cooler for use in cooling and hanging harvested animals.
  4. No stalking or roaming of the ranch is permitted unless approved by the Guide.
  5. Firearms must be unloaded at all times unless in a blind, at the range, or with the Guide. Firearms must be unloaded prior to exiting from a blind.
  6. All shots whether hit or miss must be reported to the guide. We will make every effort to assist in recovery of wounded animals (a wounded and lost animal is considered a kill).
  7. If you are hunting in an assigned blind, under no circumstances are you to leave your blind. Failure to follow this rule will lead to forfeit of your hunt and removal from the ranch.
  8. When hunting safari style, stay in the ATV. Do NOT get out of the ATV for a shot without your Guides permission. We will get you the best shot possible from the ATV.
  9. Wait for approval from your guide before shooting. We have many animals that are NOT to be shot. If you shoot before approval, you will be escorted off the ranch immediately and your deposit will be forfeited.
  10. Do NOT shoot at a running animal.
  11. Any animal harvested outside of your hunt package or by not following your Guides instructions, will mandate replacement fees. These fees could be as high as $30,000.
  12. Hunters may shoot predators (coyotes and bobcats).